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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pumpkin & other unrelated things

Apparently there was a pumpkin shortage last year.

Which explains why there was hardly ever any cans on the shelf after, say, October 5th.

Which also happens to be when I made my first batch of pumpkin spice muffins.
and second, and third, and fourth, and fifteenth, and seventeenth.....:)

It was quite tragic to walk to the certain part of the baking aisle and see an empty shelf.
Seriously, sometimes I would just stand there and stare for awhile.
Willing some cans to appear.

This year I was stocked up before fall began (on Wednesday:) and I don't plan on running into that problem again!
It's like buying chapstick- you can never have too much. And you never know when you'll need it!

And onto other unrelated things.
I have been horribly addicted to procrastination lately. Mainly by watching some show online to avoid doing homework.
Ugh. It is not fun.
I am definitely working this one out with God's help.

Secondly, I have been having weird technological problems lately.
Like the internet not working at my apartment ALL WEEK (until yesterday).
And being unable to open up documents posted online for my class via BlackBoard.
And not understanding the Mac computers I use at school sometimes.

Thirdly, I set up a skype account today and talked to a friend at school!
I wanted to sign with my friend Omar for a long time and after giving up on a few other programs, I downloaded skype on a compy at school & then was able to talk to him right.then.and.there!
It was soo cool!
He helped me out a lot by getting some good practice in (I used a TON of signs that I have been learning & relearning in classes) by talking for a long time. He also corrected me a few times (oopsy) and then taught me a few new signs (and some ones I learned a loong time ago but forgot).

Fourthly, I canNOT believe Fall is here & it actually felt like Fall on Wednesday!
Although, being the Valley, it was above 100 degrees today. Which is rather fitting- because usually the weather around the time of the Kern County fair is really nasty (read, hot, dry, & especially dusty: ie. dusty @ the fair grounds). oh, and the KC fair started last week and I actually wanted to go.
I cannot remember the last time I went to a fair. Or saw the little animals. Or wouldn't mind battling the crowds.
Awhile ago, a friend told me that she is becoming increasingly aware of the fact that she is more introverted than she realized. I think that I'm more exhausted by crowds than I ever realized.

Fifthly, I am loving my job.
God seriously blessed me and hooked me up with a great job where I get to use my natural talents and skills to bring out better writing skills in other students. It is very rewarding, sometimes draining, yet quite unique.
I cannot even remember getting the job (even though it hasn't been that long:) because it was always a smooth transition. I think that doing this job at my last college I am attending has taught me a lot and I have definitely learned how to be a MUCH better, professional, and effective tutor. I think I had the right tools to learn from at my previous tutoring position, but I matured, was prepared, and was ready to learn more at this second position.

Sixthly, I am sporadically reading a lot of blogs lately.
I got kind of burned out on reading them every.single.day towards the end of the summer so after a nice break (during which school completely freaked me out & threw me for a loop), I am now slowly revisiting a few I grew to love.

Seventhly, I am slowly but surely starting to like mac's more than pc's.
They are readily available at school, have nicer features, and I am definitely learning a ton about them every time I use one.

8thly, I have a cold.
I'm actually surprised I didn't get sick sooner.
Because, really, no sleep, no food, and a TON of stress does not make for a healthy, perky, and joyful Grace.
We all know she's a night owl and not super into morning-y type things.
Like waking up. Being outside before the sun. or Getting ready super fast/early.
However, we did not know that she is now a 'in bed before 11 is awesome!' type of gal.
And ugh.
I don't really ever sneeze unless I'm sick.
(strange, I know. it's actually a good predictor for when I get sick.)
And who knew being sick would be an easy excuse for avoiding homework and watching a whole disk of Friends?!
And I'm now drinking water
like there's no tomorrow.
Or like it's going out of style.
Or.....well, I can't think of another cliche.

9thly, I am surrounded by, engulfed by, and my head is swarming with words! language! learning!
I didn't realize until a few days ago that I work with, think of, and study words and language nearly every day of the week. ASL, English language acquisition, rules of English, punctuation, reading the newspaper. It's everywhere.
(And I'm loving it :)

10thly, I am now making up number-y sounding words!
Yep, the time has come to go to bed, close my eyes, and rest my aching head.
I told myself I wanted to make it to 9 o'clock and darn it, my clock says 9:34 so I think it's time to sign off!
As I said before, I'm sick and my head is super full of gunk and congestion.
Now is the time to (try to) swallow some NyQuil and start dreaming!
G'night all!

And 11thly, I miss my button for my /? keyboard :(
poor thing bit the dust when a curtain rod fell on it 2 years ago :(

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