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Friday, September 3, 2010

Not much going on....

Got a ton of stuff done today.
I had work, then an hour and a half break, then class, and then class!
It was so different to get home only in the late afternoon and not mid evening like Wednesdays! (And to think pretty soon I'll be going strait from my 4-6:50 class to Bible study for a few hours!)
The sun was still bright and shiny (and hot!! -although it didn't feel like the predicted 110 degrees).
I actually got to see the seester when I got home for a bit.
We actually talked to each other.
Face to face.
Not texting.
Not facebooking.

It was a Thursday miracle! (well...not really.. but it sure was nice :)

Got a ton of stuff done, ate an awesomesauce dinner (which was rawther drippy :), caught up on some blogs, e-mail, school graduationy stuff, and made some phone calls. THAT is why I am now rebelling to the fact that I...wait for it.....I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TOMORROW!!

Seriously people, you do not even know what this means for me!

After go, go, going all week, it's nice to have a morning to sleep in and only have commitments after lunchtime and not 9 o'clock like I do every morning :) Not that that is even that bad- I'm just not a morning person and I prefer to wake up around/later than 9 -I don't like having to be raring to go, ready to work, and having to make capable thoughts & decisions then :)

Oh the bliss of not setting an alarm clock!! (At least for one day, and then it's up at the crack of dawn to jump-start my holiday weekend going to the Country Fair at Hume!)

Woop! Woop! Well, I really should go. I wanted to be in bed waay earlier, but alas, I fought through the sleepiness and am now meeting the exhaustion and slowly blinky eyes stage of my tiredness.

Okay, now I'm really going. After making up some really strange words this is now starting to sound like that conversation you have with someone when saying goodbye from chatting online or something.
-"Okay I gotta go."
-"Talk to you later!"
"Yeah, sleep well."
-"K. Thanks. Will do."
"Yeah no prob."
-"See you tomorrow."
"yeah-"  err....awkward moment after noticing your friend finally gave up and just up and logged on you. effectively ending that never-ending convo.

So now that I've effectively given an example and then further proved my point in laboriously delaying an ending, bye now!

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