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Sunday, September 19, 2010

crazy-awesome newness!

So much going on in my life lately.

New friendships, classes, homework, languages, words, responsibilities, a CRAZY schedule, new songs, new verses, new places, new lessons, new routines, new Learning.


And busy.
And ridiculous.
And nerve-wracking.

Studied Romans this morning for quiet time.
Was reminded of this: Micah

In like with this song (and the artist :)

*Turn off music player before watching......or go towards the end of the player and listen to the recently added stuff by F+TM*

Currently in like with these artists too:
Kerrie Roberts, Manafest,
F+TM, Jenny & Johnny,
Seabird, Chris August

Back in like with these artists too!
Group 1 Crew, Stellar Kart,
Hawk Nelson, The Afters,
FFH, Jason Gray,
Norah Jones, Molly Jenson

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