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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A little bit of this.....

Just doing a little blog hopping, and window shopping, and craft dreaming, and eye-candying  :)

Here are a few of my fave's from this morning's jaunt:

I can picture myself making Quite A Few of these for a wedding or shower or party someday : )

I want to make one of these. ASAP. not sure where I would put it though- maybe on a cute little shelf, over my desk? Yes. That sounds good.

Dreaming about making something that looks a little like this.....

Also, I woke up wanting to go to a yardsale. Or a thrift store. Or to a craft store.
I want to get my bargain hunting/crafting/DIY-ing on!!
Speaking of all the above things, here is a good blog that incorporates reusing for DIY-ing!    Under The Sycamore

Another good note, I can feel a little nip in the air....I think it's about time to make my first batch of pumpkin spice muffins!
(Maybe that's just the AC in my apt. though. It is 100+ degrees outside. in October.)

And lastly, my mom messaged me saying she couldn't sleep one night. She turned on the tv, watched jimmy fallon, and saw this little clip!

Time to go!
I'm meeting a friend for a late lunch @ Panera after she gets off work.
I want to surprise her & visit her at work first though :)
Soooo..........off I go!

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