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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week 1

Week 1: February 1-5

 At the end of my first week of my internship, I find myself excited for the future but also frustrated with my present situation. To begin my internship in Child Life at Children’s Hospital Central California, I have to complete various steps so that I can even be at the site. After contacting my site supervisor, she was finally able to put me in touch with the correct person to complete my initial paperwork and qualifications to be interning. This woman schedules the clinical orientations for those interning at the hospital (for nursing and Child Life). After sending her proof of all of my immunizations and my TB test, I discovered that I needed to complete a few more things. Needless to say, after many trips to the health center at school, I will be cleared soon to attend an orientation.
   However, after I found out last week that I cannot attend an orientation until the 19th (of February), I was quite upset. I feel frustrated as I wait to complete all of the necessary steps so that I can even be at my site. When I was at the hospital this week to turn in some papers, the woman in charge of orientation was quite firm and almost scolded me as she told me that until I had all of my immunizations completed and an updated TB test turned in, I was not even allowed to be talking to my site supervisor in any way or to be at the hospital. This was especially frustrating because she did not tell me I needed an updated TB test until after I had asked her. Therefore, after I had gone to the health center for the first time, I had to go back the very next day to get an updated test. Although I was taken aback by her harsh words, I quickly informed her that I have taken care of everything and I should be able to attend the soonest orientation.
In the end, although the initial stages of my internship have been frustrating, I am excited for what is to come. While at the hospital last week, my supervisor told me a little bit about the process of my internship and what areas of the hospital I will be involved in. I’m excited about eventually getting to work at my site and I’m eager to see what I have to share next week!

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