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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At the present moment

I want it so badly
I want to want it for all the right reasons

I'm learning to recognize them
Learning to change my desires to God's
Learning that dying to self is a natural and necessary thing to do

I'm learning to shift my gaze to heaven
Learning to shift my goal on the right prize
I know my desires at the present moment are right, but still need more refining

I want to want the right things
I'm changing my standards, my goals
I'm taking the pride out of my heart
Replacing it with grace and mercy that covers all
Every imperfection, every imposing 'deal breaker'

A girl that is learning to love
Learning to love in a different way
Love is to offer grace willingly, not expecting anything in return- ever
To sacrifice who's 'right', letting arguments slip away

Living a life of love is hard though
Not easy like singing a song
Both make melodies and go out of tune
But that doesn't mean that it is wrong

Wanting something in this moment I don't know if I'll ever have
I'm hoping, believing, and asking
And trying to live life a different way

God help me with this process! Thank you for this song you gave to me :)

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