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Monday, March 29, 2010

Stretching & growing

Things I've been learning lately....

the meaning of the word grace
the meaning of the offering of grace
the meaning of my name grace
feeling worthy of my name grace

being given forgiveness
being reminded of the cost of my forgiveness
being convicted of my need to have forgiveness
being convicted of my need to give forgiveness, freely, when I don't want to, and repeatedly

being honest
living for truth
expecting and showing truth
living in the present, in what is true and real

learning what is healthy
learning what my dreams are
learning to have the right perspective for those dreams
learning to keep my goals and dreams in check. in the present. in this day.

all of these things are happening for a reason
I am learning what I am learning now because I have asked to, God has heard me, and is teaching!
I am living in this season of life right now. just this one. Not any other.
my goals and dreams are for the future, not right now, and I revel in that.
learning that I need to be content with only maybe having a someday soon
learning that my someday soon, is just that, someday.
Not necessarily now. tomorrow. or soon, but someday
thanking God for his sovereignty in my life.
thanking God for this ever-changing perspective, moving towards a healthy, right mindset

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