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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 4: Feb. 22-27

This was (finally) my first full week at my site. After arriving on Wednesday, I attended my first daily staff meeting. During these meetings, the Child Life specialists note which of their patients needs a volunteer and who can go to the playroom or the classroom. This is an important part of keeping each person in the CL department updated on all of the many patients that are at the hospital. The meeting moved quickly and I was easily confused by all of the medical and specific terms the women used. After the meeting, I was able to ask my supervisor questions about what happened and then we started rounds on her floors.

Just like I was last Friday, I was a little unsure about entering patients' rooms. My supervisor works so confidently and quickly, that I find myself easily confused by the terms and events that occur. After holding my questions for awhile, I slowly started asking about confusing aspects of the job. By asking questions and speaking up when something strange or confusing happened, I am quickly learning a lot of new things about Child Life and the hospital.

Also, like I mentioned in class yesterday, I have been doing a lot of walking! It may seem like a silly thing to note, but after two full days at my site, I realized that I need to get some better shoes! In order to cover all of the patients that are under her care, my supervisor has to walk over two floors and is constantly on the go. Because of this, I keep getting confused about where rooms are and where patients that we have visited are located! My supervisor is really understanding and helpful with this.

Sometimes I think I look a little lost because she'll smile and start explaining what just happened or where a certain room is. Because of our improving communication, I have been learning many new things, and my confidence has been growing. At the beginning of the week, I was overwhelmed and was questioning my intentions of going into CL but now I am excited and I am slowly building up my confidence. Also, because I am not considered an official intern in CL at the hospital, I am only supposed to observe. However, each time my supervisor asks me to do something small, my confidence builds and I get more excited!

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