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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 2: Feb. 7 - 13

Blog from week 2:

After getting all of my required information turned in, I am finally going to be able to attend my clinical orientation class this upcoming Friday. After some initial frustration, I am excited to jump in and learn a lot about Child Life (CL) at my site: Children's Hospital Central California (located in Madera).

This week, I was able to talk to my site supervisor about my learning objectives and I am excited to get to work! Previously I job shadowed a Child Life specialist who is actually now my site supervisor. While discussing my learning objectives, I realized that I will now be involved in many areas of the hospital that I have never visited before when I shadowed the CL specialist previously. This is exciting to me because I will be experiencing and learning so many new things.

Also, I learned what I will actually be doing while at my site. By doing some reading and research, I will be learning about Child Life, what the profession is, and what it entails in a children's hospital. I will also be learning about developmental stages of children and how they are present in the hospital. I'm excited about this because I will be able to apply some things I have learned in previous classes in a clinical setting. Also, I'm excited to begin my internship while I'm taking my theories class. I hope that I will be able to learn firsthand how each one of the 'grand theories' are evident in children. In addition, I will be observing and learning about what procedural teaching is and how to implement it in a hospital. I'm excited about explaining to children what IV's, Pic lines, and other things that may seem scary in a hospital are used for.

I will also be learning about play, distraction, and other tools to help children learn about and cope with their hospital experience. By observing other CL specialists, I hope to learn what tools to implement in similar situations in the future. After being able to help a CL specialist with implementing these strategies in my previous visits while job shadowing, I am excited to learn even more by observing from a clinical perspective.

One of the other things I will be doing is observing and implementing information I will be learning in the classroom and playroom. I am really excited about this because I was not able to visit these areas the previous times I was at the hospital. After talking to my supervisor, I think that this is probably where I will be doing the bulk of my work on a project for my site. I think that I might be working on developing play plans (a sort of schedule of lessons) for children of all ages and developmental stages. This should be an exciting and interesting process of integrating the concepts I will be learning in tangible ways.

After taking my orientation class next Friday, I hope to have new information to share about my experiences at the hospital. Although the orientation will mainly focus on hospital facility and employee standards, I am excited to get started and learn the basics about being a hospital employee so that I can jump into the field of Child Life.

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