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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Crazy busy day.

Lots of
phone calls,
places to go,
people to talk to,
running around with my head cut off.

But God is certainly good.
Most (if not all) things were taken care of,
people were contacted,
sister made me a sammie to chomp down on the way to work (yep- already not doing to good on my goal to be a better driver),
and I just kept receiving exciting and encouraging news right after each other!

Thank you Lord for an awesome sister who is intrigued by food enough
to find and make uh-mazing meals for us!
Seriously! Thank you Lord for good flavors, yummy food & for taste buds!

Thank you Lord for an encouraging day!
Please guide me in my decisions of what to spend my time on.
You know what that means (worry, hesitancy, & excitement),
what I can handle,
and what I should do.

Thank you for the blessings you have given me.
Reading over my last post, I realize just how many friendships I have made just in the last year and it is astounding! I have spoken with, joked with, and gotten to know some interesting and amazing people that I never thought I would have ever met!
Thank you Lord for those opportunities & lessons.
Please help my witness to still shine through & show me ways I can renew those seeds I hoped to have planted!

And please help me to have self control to actually go to bed earlier tomorrow(er-tonight)!

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