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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Rice Krispy Treats & flume rides. what a random Wednesday

Thee Day (as in threeve wo/the 'r' & 've' + as in neighbor and way):

-Early morning headed to internship
-raining/drizzling very windy & cold
-Windows fogged until after 10 min. of driving to northernmost part of Fresno. Ah!
-held a baby without touching him (?)
-ran around in circles
-questioned my future
-excited about my future
-scurried to school
-pb&j .........that's how I roll. always & forever. I'll have them at my wedding. jk. no. really, jk.
-chat w/sister
-Easter vacation plans?! Excited!
-study! study! study! for intense test
-test! not so intense after all.
-chat w/prof.
-slow drive home (prayed for yesterday's accident on Ashlan)
-honey, I'm home!!
-chat w/the girl
-fancast -love it!
-fancast....more :)
-eating dinner
-Oh the joy! Oh the wonderful, wonderful food!
-change into comfy clothes
-take trash out
-wikipedia'd actors
-the girl returned
-more wikipedia....fashion schools & designers
-interviewed oldest & (real) oldest sisters for a paper
-made Rice Krispy Treats
-yelled "Rice Krispy Treat me!" when I needed to urgently mix cereal w/mallows :)
-interviewed barely older sister
-wikipedia'd malls, amusement parks, & flume rides?! so random!
-smile.................that was a good day

(to soon follow)

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