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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a Likely Story, Morning Glory


I made it through finals,
wondered at the likelihood of Fresno actually getting a tornado,
raced home,
raced-er- crawled along to Anaheim,
saw Missy Higgins at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney,
chilled with the fam,
made sugar cookies,
made some amazing new friends,
went to LA again,
got early Christmas goodies at Ikea,
wrapped Christmas gifts,
tried to figure out registration for classes- for about six hours,
played my guitar- ah! What a release from stress!
and received some early gifts!

All this to say, I hope that this Christmas season will be a contemplative and meaningful time, besides the chaos and hubub of decorating and shopping. Christmas comes only once a year and we need to remember the meaning and reason for the little baby in the manger. This year I look at the nativity scene (apparently creche is a real word) and see Jesus as a carpenter, hippie, friend to all, miracle worker, servant, teacher, and sacrifice. He is the "propitiation for my sins" and I will honor Him on December 25th and for my whole life for his choice of death. His birth guarranteed his ultimate death, and I will love and serve him for the meaning of the end of his life.

P.S. Robby Francis is a weird one. Couldn't really tell what that guy was sayin most of the time.

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