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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew that one would leave a journey in Walmart on Decemeber 3rd alive and unscaled?

I sure didn't.

I almost had fun too. Looking at cheap Christmas decorations and horribly shiny fake Uggs (metallic silver Uggs? Who could design something so horrible?).

Then....I went to the craft section. Apparently, my grandmother calls the fabric section of Walmart the 'yardage' section. She then told me that Walmart employees do not use or know that term anymore. After asking me if I would know what she meant by 'yardage,' I told her yes, but only because she's my grandma.

Anyways, I had intended to go to the fabric/yardage/crafts section to get something (my sole reason I would shop there) and when I finally meandered over there, I almost came out buying an armload of things I had not intended too. I saw so many potential projects (mostly Christmas gifts but a few pipedreams as well): blankets, cake decorating items, patterns for clothing, and YARN!!

Yes, I did buy the one thing I went in the store for and I am proud to say I bought nothing else! After being so inspired, I was brought back to reality because most of the things I wanted to make I had not ever attempted to do so before and need to ask for help before I decide to do them (read: ask my mom to help me!).

By the way: I want to show someone the Christmas gifts I bought for friends and family soo bad but as of right now I cannot decide what to give exactly to which person so I am at a stalemate. Good friends, good gifts, too many decisions!

Back to my story....Although I was in crafty project heaven, I came to the realization that I come from a long line of people that start projects and do not finish them. Maybe, just maybe I can break the pattern and finish the one I started with my grand purchase of $4.32 tonight.

By the way, why on earth would there be a kettle corn stand in a Walmart parking lot? Isn't it enough that Clovis simply has a Walmart, must we corrupt the city further by making it more white-trash? (Basura blanca: thank you Mr. Henderson)

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