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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


·said, "Blow your nose...no...not your mouth, your nose"?
·met someone with an incredibly good memory?
Like freakishly good?!
I know a few people like that and it freaks me out everytime!
·had a two year old give you an ‘air high five’?
·thought incredibly stupid thoughts like, “That’s what facsimile means!”?
·had one of those God moments where he totally showed you or reminded you of something super important?
·had the best job ever without even realizing it?
·been completely blown away by something completely unexpected?
Like showing up for work one day and being told you are being let go?
Argued with your boss and then feeling completely justified in your frustration because of their lies and misunderstanding of your initial job description?
·felt incredibly hot because someone gave you a compliment on a day you felt like crap?
·thought you would know someone named Dempsey?
·met someone so predictable it wasn’t even funny?
well maybe it was…
·been completely amazed by the weather?
·had tons of things on your ‘To Do’ list and only crossed off one thing?!
·wished people would just listen?
·painted your nails at the grocery store?

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