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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Can Do, List

When I'm at home, bored, & trying to use my time more wisely, here is the list I gave myself of things I can do.

Thus, my I can do, list:

. make birthday bookpage garland  .......done! Turned out great!
. make rachel's card
. crochet a yellow flower   .....postponed to a later date
& wrap gifts
. submit bill to dad
. read hospital volunteer handbook
. copy down quotes from Georgia On Her Mind 
.  & Shauna Niequist
. journal        .....done, but kind of ongoing : )
. listen to last week's sermon podcast
. finish draft blogs
. finish & update playlist to blog
. work on a header for Rachel's blog
. wash sheets    .....ongoing though
. iron UO skirt
. do the dishes  .....ongoing though
. chalk up round flowery frame
. paint my nails
. paint moms nails
. write a note-a-day  .....moved to be my goal for August
. clean off desk
. clean corners
. switch winter clothes to back of closet  .....done
. make one thing off of summer to-do     .....ongoing though
. weed out/delete e-mails   ......ongoing though
. write activities in planner  ......ongoing


  1. i love shauna! and i need to make a list like this!!

  2. you are so motivating to me! i need to do this. i just cherish nap time to be my email/rest time but i could be doing so much more! :)