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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life and death in a very short spectrum

At the beginning of this week it was raining and very stormy.
After being inside all day, I was walking outside to go to my car one day.
Looking down at a tree stump that was surrounded by weeds, I noticed a peculiar thing.
The most beautiful daisies had bloomed on one side of the stump.
They had made it through the rough and windy days of the storm, and their bright white petals were a very cheerful sight to see.
I kept walking and looked down at the sidewalk at what I initially thought was some smashed fruit. Apparently a young baby bird had attempted to fly but had fallen onto the sidewalk. It had been hit and died just beyond the cheery flowers. The next day I was walking on a different sidewalk and I saw another dead baby bird. It was such a sad, yet joyful sight. The bird was newly born into this world, but somehow was unable to survive and fly.
Such life and death in such a very short spectrum.

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