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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seriously God?

...........Seriously God?
.I feel bipolar...
.Like really, truly, bipolar.

I am so FREAKIN stressed out, have waAY too much to do, and I have so many things weighing down my heart my heart......
....and I simply canNOT get everything done in one day.

But YOU give me joy.

You allow me to see beauty in ashes,
you are the bread and the wine.
You are all I need. (Woot JJ Heller!)

You are teaching me so much through EVERY single song I hear lately!
And then, of course, I cry about something in it.

But, time and time again, there are a few songs that I cannot stop thinking about.
And this is one of them:

I woke up in darkness
Surrounded by silence
Oh where, oh where have I gone?
I woke to reality Losing its grip on me

Oh where, where have I gone?
'Cause I can see the light
Before I see the sunrise
You called and You shouted

Broke through my deafness
Now I'm breathing in and breathing out
I'm alive again
You shattered my darkness

Washed away my blindness
Now I'm breathing in and breathing out
I'm alive again
Late have I loved You
You waited for me, I searched for You

What took me so long?
I was looking outside
As if Love would ever want to hide
I'm finding I was wrong

'Cause I feel the wind
Before it hits my skin
'Cause I want You,
Yes I want You I need You, and I'll do

Whatever I have to just to get through
'Cause I love You,
Yeah I love You

...................Matt Maher: Alive Again

Thank you for giving me JOY God!
Thank you for your provisions and for making me fall asleep when I simply cannot deal with anything else in my day!

Before I go, a few requests for the next few days:
...Peaceful, deep and restful sleep!
...An appetite! I need to eat more, and eat healthier meals!
...Confidence and time management to finish everything I need to before December 16th.
...A few answers to some questions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
...A spirit of perseverance.
...And finally, JOY!

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