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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Disjointed and Convoluted

Lately I have this thing where:

I seriously and truly love my job!
I am learning so much about writing, about myself, and about people. Life is weird but people are cool. Thanks for it all God!
However, I secretly hope that anyone who goes to log in will not be needing my help. Weird. I know.

I cry about my aunt from any Christian song I hear on the radio.

I can't seem to tell time or read clocks very well.

I can't seem to do basic math functions very well (addition/subtraction).

I'm super introverted in that I didn't go ANYWHERE but my apt. and school for SIX DAYS.

I haven't played my guitar in over four months.
I want to badly, but somehow I'm avoiding it.
(I don't see how I will ever improve until that logic changes.)

I have crazy dreams about a few regrets from last semester.
God, are you trying to tell me something about those relationships that ended badly?

I have been horrible with managing my time lately.

I'm at the end of my rope.

I feel bipolar.

And I blog lately about my thoughts and prayer requests for God.
I guess it's just personal now. Even though anyone in the world could be reading this.
Not that anyone does read this.

The end.

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