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Monday, October 25, 2010

not much

The not much to say post. (Also known as the most boring-post-that-also-doesn't-update-you-on-anything-interesting post.)

So....Let's just say that life got a little crazy, and while I was reading a lot of blogs, I just didn't get the time (read: even think about posting:) to post any of my own!

All this to say, I don't even really have time to be posting now.
How in the world is it 11:30? And how am I still awake? so tiredBut, and that's a pretty big but, I'm doing good, livin life, loving God. You know, the usual.

I thought I should document this rather pulling out my hair -er, wringing out wet towels- frustrating experience that happened recently. So living in a bitty townhouse, we have a tiny patio (read: square cement slab with dirt, mud, & spiderwebs) of a "backyard." As a result of the overpowering cobwebs perpetually spun hither and yon, we don't really go out there that much. I mean, we open the door to let fresh air in, we water our two withering plants on aforementioned slab, and occasionally I venture out to tackle the spiderwebs every so often.

Friday afternoon was such a time where I sojourned rather bravely. I realized quickly, that there was a bunch of crud all over the dirt/mud close to the spigot and a random pipe.  After closer inspection, I realized that it was bits of uncooked rice, eggshells, and grape tomato skins -all items I ran through the garbage disposal a few days earlier. Also, I noticed rather suddenly that it smelled quite foul by that area of yucky food-ness. (Note: the kitchen backs up to the exterior wall.)

Needless to say, I was rather flummoxed, (yes, I've been wanting to use that in a sentence for quite a while now:) and could not figure out how the food mysteriously ended up outside where it was. Upon closer inspection, I saw a cap/lid/stopper thing in the muddy food junk but I didn't want to touch it (due to all the mud), nor did I know what to do with it.

Fast forward to about four hours later when I was doing dishes in the kitchen that evening. (I know, exciting times- dishes on a Friday night?! I know, I know, I'm too much for you, sorry, but that is just the truth- plain and simple :)  I started rinsing a few things and washing a few pots & pans by hand in the sink. That was when I noticed the sink wasn't draining. Suddenly, I thought, "What if that water is going out the pipe outside where all that yuckiness is?" After turning off the faucet quickly, setting the pot down, whipping the door & screen open, I stuck my head out to find............. water rushing out of the pipe in the wall by the spigot!!!! After saying, "Ew, ew, yuck! Ew!" a few times, I realized that I should probably plug that baby up and stop doing the dishes so more disastrous drainage would not occur.
Theeennnn.....after debating on whether I should run the dishwasher or not due to the strangely acting pipes, I decided to try to have at least a few clean dishes and started the cycle.
After settling into Friends with the sis, I went to put something into the trash can that is next to the dishwasher in the kitchen. And that is where I stepped innnn........water! Ugh! I turned on the kitchen light and realized a HUGE puddle of water was all around the dishwasher and threatening to spread farther towards our table & chairs. I then stopped the washer and cleaned up the water (er, rather, threw a towel on the mess) and decided to deal with it in the morning. The maintenance guys don't work on the weekends at our complex, so we were in for a sink-less kitchen for a few days. Needless to say, my sis did NOT have the foresight to not make a huge mess whilst making banana bread and added even more dishes to the mess of our week's accumulation of dishes. Today came and went and we didn't have time to curb our catastrophe of dishes (read: I decided to go on strike against doing them). It was getting so bad that we had to wash any utensil we needed to eat with on yesterday & today. ugh. and double ugh.
Tonight, the sis finally got the motivation (after .quite.a.few. rather forceful hints) to tackle the mess. After plugging away and washing for awhile, I noticed that the there was, yep, you guessed it!....a HUGE puddle on the floor by the dishwasher/trashcan/table area all over again!
Ah!! So, tomorrow I'm putting in a work order as soon as I wake up & hopefully we'll get the problem solved. (And maybe, God would motivate the sis to do dishes more often? I'm still on strike :) )

I'll keep you posted, I know you're now waiting in anticipation to see what the darned problem is with our plumbing over here in So. Fresno!

Long story short, I did not have the clarity to write all of that at this time of day so, sorry if it is rather jumbly.... jumbled? Did I just make up a word? Oh no, this isn't going to a good place.
done :)

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