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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random thoughts

Here are some random thoughts from a random day.

Lately, every time I go to check something out at the library I cringe at the notice of my fines.
I currently owe $9.75 but I swiftly touch the screen to go past that part and continue on with checking out my books.

I guess that's what I get for stealing music from the library. and movies. (well, really, I'm just putting them on my computer. Not simply never returning them. But, yeah, I know it's still stealing.)
Or not. There are seriously dumb people who work at the library closest to my abode and after turning in two items (admittedly, they were already 2 days late as I forgot & was out of town) I realized ten days later that they were never checked back in. After calling to fix that problem, I later discovered I was still fined for having them checked out for over two days ($4.25). However, before that, I went to pick up a few things on hold and while browsing the movie selection, I saw one of the very things I still had checked out on the shelf. As in, my movie was put on the shelf without ever even being checked back in. ugh. ah!

I'm heading to cooler weather tomorrow morning and realized how much I have missed wearing layers, longsleeves, and cute scarves! eek! That means I need to be getting in bed -pronto!

Also, I have been talking myself out of having ice cream for the past two hours.
Being honest though, it's more like talking myself into it :)

Also, if I'm being honest I must admit I'm super excited for this little trip because it's the first time in a loong time that my whole entire family has been on a summer vacation! WooT! Although we're not going to one of my favorite places on earth, we're still going to have bunches of fun! That reminds me that I need to finish packing because here I am at 12:20 and I think I need to add a few more things. :)
Here are a few packing tips that my older sister and I perfected when we were younger (as in, learned the hard way):
.....always double check that you packed your toothbrush. (and toothpaste....added later to said list:)
.....always make sure you pack your pillow  (and an extra pillowcase ....added later as well)
.....always bring a sweater (comes quite in handy: instant pillow, window-sun-blocker, chilly-ac-your-seat-partner-aimed-at-you-warmer-upper, & the ever popular driving arm suntan preventer)
.....always bring a book (or five)
.....bring a plastic bag for any & all unforeseen problems-er-uses
.....always bring an extra pair of underwear (a mandatory rule given by the mother)

And finally, a little peek at my traveling destination:

eek! Soo excited! (Imagine a hUge smiley-faced-me right here -->    :)

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