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Monday, August 2, 2010

I thought it might be fun to do a little update with pictures.
Here is what my spring & summer have looked like.

Spring included:
Graduation for most of my FPU friends

 Amanda (Mangle)
Nicole (Betty) & Audrey (Wilma)

included: lots of traveling, fun,
& pictures taken by other people :) I didn't take most of these- too busy living!

lots of hanging out with Whitey
Whitey (and no, the name didn't come from her shiny-white cheeks :)
Trips with sisters
Me & Whitey @ Superior
Bec & Kell

visits from Grandparents
Grandma Doris & Grandpa Herb
Riteaid Ice Cream
Afternoons in the park
with Milo!
My baptism at Woodward Park
declaring my faith to the world
dunked! Thank you God for giving me new life in you!
lots of iced tea :)
hanging out w/WSM friends
3rd grade - The Rattlers
Saddle Ridge Ranch
no, he's not a gardener- he's just western :)
More kittens
their tiny nails made tiny scratches
she had to be forced to hold one. seriously :)
night-before-birthday fun
Gran's (late) 80th bday party (day after my 23rd bday!)
Gran & Gramps (Opal & Paul Wilkinson)
more cousin love (& fun w/the camera)
free 7.11 oz. slurpees on 7/11!



Please forgive my earlier attempts (previous 2 lines of gibberish) at 'beating the system' of what blogspot is :)
I thought it was actually a pretty genius idea. (And then just now I spelled genius genuis.)

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