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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

They're Baack!

Yes, that's right.
You heard it from me!
The pigeons are back
and in full force!

I even got pictures

I also tried to get a video of one
making noise but it was too loud
outside to pick up on the bird alone.

Onto to better things, I have a fun view today.

Today is the day that everything started happening for the MCC sale. The parking lots and streets are gradually closing down. The Green was mowed earlier today and....
Tents are going up!
I saw the first poles while on the way to my last class this afternoon and the first tent (canvas-less) was up by the end of my class.

My roommate and I talked it over and we both feel a lot more excited about the sale this year than last year. Having experienced it last year, we both agreed that it will be fun and we cannot wait to volunteer, eat good food, and buy weird things! I hope I can help with kettle corn again. The people who ran that booth made very good kettle corn and it certainly was fun helping them out.
However, I do hope that it does not rain this year. That was definitely not a fun part of the sale last year. Although it has been overcast the last few days, I hope that it will rain before, wait until Sunday, or not rain at all!

Did I mention that Cheerios are good?
Well they are.
Because I never really had breakfast or lunch, I went to the caf and had a little breakfast/lunch/snack/pick-me-up. I decided on Cheerios- one of the few things the caf never gets wrong and poured in a little skim milk. (By the way- why in the world is it skim milk? Why not something else- less weird sounding?)
Oh and it was good. Just what I needed.

Then I went to the library and got four books: two for school and two for fun.
On the long trek back to school I listened to one of the pleasure books (on CD) and I must say that the reader is not the best.
You know how while you read something you come up with different pictures, images, and sounds for different characters? Well this lady pretty much ruined the lovely book for me (it's the second in a series). The man sounded like he was an old man from Texas (he is not either) and the woman sounded like a thirteen-year-old school girl instead of being twenty-five. I debated for about ten minutes if I should stop listening or request and wait for about two months for the written book from the library. Reasoning that I requested the CDs in the first place so that I would not have to wait long, I gritted my teeth every time she 'changed' characters and tried to enjoy the story.

Okay must go now...pictures later.

Oh when I looked at the pictures on my camera earlier I found some from my last trip to the beach with my Mom and sister. Walking the pier at Cayucos, I took some great pictures of the sunset and the big ocean waves.

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