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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First Ever Blog

I am sitting here thinking of this morning.
Last night I kept waking up; being cold, hot, uncomfortable and hearing loud noises were some of my problems. I woke up early to hear one girl talking really loud -surprisingly without ever hearing my usually noisy roommate get up. Then I woke up because pigeons decided to make their home at the windowsill across from mine –the STRAS 1 boys’ bathroom windowsill. Ugh- stinkin birds! Did I mention that the boys can see directly into my room? Well, they can if they want to. One time I had the window open a little and my friend and I were laughing really hard while working on a project. The guy in the bathroom had the window open and looked out when he heard us. Seeing us, he quickly popped his head back in and closed the window! Ha! Take that boy- for all the times you have freaked me out by randomly talking (read: singing) LOUDLY in your bathroom or for suddenly turning on the light at night! Back to the birds….Later I was wondering if we are allowed to have BB guns at school- probably not because we are pacifist and we are not allowed to have ‘firearms’ on campus. Then I remembered how Opie accidentally killed a bird on the Andy Griffith Show with a slingshot and how cute he was when he cried while Andy taught him his lesson.
>Wow- that all seems pretty stream-of-consciousness!

Oh I just remembered, yesterday at work I was looking at the blog, stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress…. and this girl saw it minimized on the bottom toolbar and asked me if I have looked at stuffeducatedblackpeoplelike. First, this annoyed me because I did not really want my boss to know I was on the internet at work, and secondly because I was reading someone's blog! Definitely not work related or homework related! Now I must say this particular girl is of a certain ethnicity (you can probably guess) and she really bugs me for some reason. Usually when she comes in to receive help she does not behave as the ideal student. For instance, last week she came in and asked me to find something for her that I have no ability to do so. Unable to help her and not wanting to help her for her rude and ignorant attitude, I asked my boss to help me help her. After stepping away from the situation I realized that in the brief three minutes I interacted with this certain girl, I made several blatant sins and judgments in my head against her. Remembering that she is an apathetic- ‘I’m only here because I have to be’ (and not because I do not care to know how to write) -type of person who is consistently rude and impertinent to fellow workers. Needless to say, all the judgment I felt for her left a bad taste in my mouth and I felt mad at the girl. Thinking about the situation now, I realize how judgmental I can be without realizing or intending to be. Lately I keep seeing my judgmental attitude in different areas of my life with different people.

Eewww! There is a hairy- grayish-whitish spider crawling in between my window and screen! Yuck- I think it’s on my side for a minute and I freak. Then I realize it is stuck between the panels. But then I feel something crawling on my leg and I think it has gotten into my room somehow. Maybe it really is on my side of the glass. Ah! I cannot figure it out! Getting cold so I must put on my sweatshirt- then I will be protected if the spider somehow gets on my side.

The view from my window is crazy sometimes- did I tell you about the pigeons?

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