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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

God's Love Letter

    It is enjoyment in an ultimate victory that can be expressed
 only in the high language of poetry, not the low language
 of fact. What can we prove about Christ's coming in glory?
 Nothing. It is far beyond the language of limited proof. Indeed,
 our entire faith rests on a joyous acceptanceof the factually
 impossible. When we celebrate Christmas we are celebrating
 that amazing time when the Word that shouted all the galaxies
 into being, limited all power, and for love of us came to us
 in the powerless body of a human baby. My faith is based on
 this incredible act of love, and if my faith is real it will be ex-
pressed in how I live my life, but it is outside the realm of lab-
oratory or scientific proof. God--the holy and magnificent
 Creator of all the galaxies and solar systems and planets and
 oceans and forests and living creatures--came to live with us,
 not because we are good and morally virtuous and what
 God's creation ought to be, but precisely for the opposite rea-
son, because we are stiff-necked and arrogant and sinful and
 stupid. We have indeed strayed from God's ways like lost sheep.
     God still loves us so much that Christ, the second person of
 the Trinity, the Word, came to live with us as one of us,
and all for love.

December 27 (p 333-334) of Madeleine L'Engle's Glimpses of Grace

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