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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Little Things That Count

I'm a firm believer that it's the little things in life that count....and sometimes they almost matter more than the big things.
Little things put the extra oopmh! into the essentials: four walls, ceiling, and floor.
the required furniture (bed, table, chairs)
necessary tools and accessories (plates, knives, screwdriver, hammer)

a closet or two (or four)
you have the basics.
And for some people that's enough.
But not quite for me.
I believe in creating and cultivating beauty.

Why? God calls me to do so.

God tells me  (via Noah and his arky, arky) to

which is partly why I feel the need to create and cultivate beauty.

God tells me to live my life by Philippians 1:27: "Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ."

So, I strive to deny myself, take up my cross daily and follow Jesus.  -Luke 9:23

To follow Jesus daily means that I
  speak the truth in love.
  take care of the poor and needy.
  love the unloved.
put the needs of others before my own.
  humble myself.
  strive to produce the fruit of the spirit.
  choose peace and not strife.
  forgive and not hold grudges.
  repent and change for the better.
  spread and give joy.
  and live in obedience.

And you know what that creates?
Me, being fully alive in Christ.
Having ashes exchanged for beauty.
And glorifying God by my very existence and salvation in Him.

Therefore, beauty is a call.

And creating beauty in my surroundings, life, and space is a natural flow from that lifestyle.
To play my note, live out my gifts and talents, and create beauty, I feel compelled to have beauty around me.

A lovely lady once said that she was  "the creative director of [her] surroundings."
I think that sums me up. God takes care of my environment, and then gives me the role of being creative director of my surroundings; pretty-fying my basic walls+floor+ceiling, if you will.

And if it is a goal in my life to live out and create beauty, why would I want to live in a plain (or ugly) space?
After all.....
Source: etsy.com via Grace on Pinterest

part two coming soon....
Any thoughts?

What does God call you to do with your life?

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