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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Little Things That Count pt. 2

Besides the basics (more about that here),
I believe that the little things really add up to make a house (or in my case, apartment) a home.
I also have a few pipe dreams of wishing I could be an Anthropologie store design coordinator, interior designer, or a really awesome craft/art/design-type blogger.  : )

Since I believe that God calls me to create beauty in my life, or as I call it pretty-fying my life, I like to daydream about design.

And since I've expanded my internet hopping to:
craft tutorials, crochet tutorials, the addiction of pretty things on pinterest, and enriching my blog reading life,
I've really expanded my craft/home/fashion design taste.

So, here is my end-of-summer-sale wishlist of little things that would really add up nicely in my home
(via Urban Outfitters) : 
picnic pennant banner

metal wall shelf - living room
doily coasters - coffee table
triple bud vase - downstairs bathroom

rug for front door

2 paisley pillows - couch
serving tray
enamel panel hook - inside front door

you are so dear to me
wall art - hallway collage
apprentice stool - bedroom

iron strap side table -downstairs