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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This year I celebrated Veteran's Day by....
......leaving the country..
..........and going to Mexico!
(Well, I didn't really celebrate it- just had a day off from school :) Anyways...

For my CDDS 163 class (ASL/English Acquisition of Deaf children), we were scheduled to go on a field trip on Veteran's Day to visit a residential school for the Deaf in Fremont. Later I heard from my Mom that she and my Dad were going to go back to Rancho Sordo Mudo again. I realized quickly that RSM is also a residential school for the Deaf- they just use LSM instead of ASL. After talking to my teacher, he said that it was fine for me to go there instead of with the class. Alas, I then started making plans to go down to Rancho Nov. 11-13th.
I couldn't miss school on Tuesday, so I planned to drive to Bako and then head down to Mehhico with mi amigo Omar on Thursday. However, after many changes in plans, we had to leave Wed. night which meant we arrived at his grandma's house at about 1am on Thurs. morning and then had to leave at 8am to get to LAX on time a few hours later. We went by LAX so Omar's friends' wife could make her flight, and then we headed south for awhile. We met up with Omar's friend, Rudi, where Alex (1st friend) parked his car. (I'm still not too sure where we actually were at that point.) We had lunch at In-N-Out which was an experience in itself (for me at least).

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