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Friday, July 23, 2010

the lastest

Here is what my life has looked like the past few days:

Headed to Bako w/the sis on Friday (Milo greeted us @ the door :)
-Went to Baja Fresh with parents & watched Jensen Project w/the fam.

Did few little errands Saturday.
-Hung out @ sisters' house: watched tv & made super good summer food (grilled homegrown zuchinni, homegrown tomato salad, homemade basil lemonade, turkey burgers, & berry grunt dessert).

Went to 1st service w/parents Sunday morn.
-Leftover lunch, read book, headed out for the Hollywood Bowl! to see The Bird & the Bee, She & Him, & The Swell Sound. So great! got home super late, tired, & sweaty.

Slept in late Monday morn.
-Put on painting clothes & went to paint stuff for VBS @ sisters' church. Dinner w/whole fam.

Woke up Tuesday & repeated painting from Monday.
-Packed up car, & raced to Fresno. Made it in time for helping out w/WSM (Well Student Ministries -highschool) where we saw How To Train Your Dragon (my 3rd time!) @ our $3 theater! So fun- met tons of highschoolers- but forgot to get my sunglasses from Stacey :(

Got ready, made lists, & headed out to 3 grocery stores on Wednesday.
-After Winco, Grocery Outlet, and Fresh & Easy- definitely had a full fridge & freezer.
Had good friend Alexandra over & made couscous summery salad and zuchinni. Then had completely homemade strawberry shortcake w/whipped cream. (Alex literally licked her plate it was so good :) Then played Dutch Blitz & learned Durach. Watched JAG.

Got up late, cleaned, chores & caught up on blogs on Thursday.
-Parents arrived in town, finally signed lease papers to renew lease for 6 months!, ate awesome dinner, w/awesome rolls (from F&E), & more strawberry shortcake, Woodward Park library, target, & in bed by 10 o'clock!!

Woke up to parents packing & etc. Friday.
-Found out neighbors are moving out (loudly), finished up random tasks w/Dad (& his helpful drill:), read blogs, lunch, shower, errands, & hangout w/Rach's summer lifegroup tonight!

This week was filled with: Lots of boring, lots of fun, lots of laughter (w/Alex & parents), & lots of random times of waking up :)

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