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Friday, June 11, 2010

Yummy Meals

I have been trying to make my lunches (& dinners) more interesting-
especially because I have been eating by myself a lot lately-which isn't quite as fun.

For lunch on Wednesday I had:
-cucumbers, carrots, & ranch
-leftover fruit & chicken salad from Panera (a la Kelly)
-Zataran's rice pilaf
 I haven't ever had Zataran's and I found it quite delicious!
Pilaf is usually a mild dish with neutral flavoring but theirs had peppers which added a bit of spice & sweetness all at the same time- a lovely compliment to the buttery base.

Tonight for dinner I had:
-broiled chicken (cutlets- which is why they're so tiny in the pictures)
-leftover broccoli from last night
-leftover rice pilaf from Wednesday
-leftover cucumber from Taco Salad on Friday with lime juice & Mrs. Dash Caribbean spice (yum! pop! zing!)
It was uh-may-zing!!!
And it didn't take too long :) More microwaving than anything else :)
-can't forget the Dryer's Heath bar ice cream!

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