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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My sister got a teaching job yesterday.
And she starts teaching on Tuesday.

She has two.whole.days to get her classroom & everything else ready before little bodies and little eyes will show up and require teaching.

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And my other sister got in a car accident earlier tonight.
A chain reaction accident.
Where she was (literally quoting my Dad), "The bologna in the sandwich."
Yep, the middle car = the front and back of her car were both squashed.
The airbag deployed and she has a sore hand and face.
And no car.

It's in times like these that I start to lose it.
I can't fix everyone's problems.
I can't be in two cities at once.
I can't give either of them a hug because I'm needed at my parent's house.

So, I'm stuck.

It's at times like these,
that all I want to do is give into
the fear.
the anger.
the frustration.
the envy.
the jealousy.
the bitterness.
the hate.
.....the sin.

When things don't go right, get messy, and I can feel the control over my life slip through my fingers,
it's easy to want to give into the sin.
To want to turn away from God and his promises.
To want to blame and make accusations.

And when I want to give into the sin, that is exactly when I pray to God,
"God, please grab a hold of these thoughts and feelings and take them away.
As far as the east is from the west.
Grab Satan by the collar and get him out of my mind and my heart.
And you, Satan, do NOT come back. Do not hang around and steal away my trust and faith in God.
Because you know what?! Although it would be easy, I am not going to put my trust or faith in you."

Source: flickr.com via Grace on Pinterest

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  1. Hey Grace! I noticed a while back that you posted a comment on my blog - it was so lovely to hear from you and I'm sorry it's taken a while to tell you that! This post really resonates with me - thank you for your honesty. Looking forward to reading more as you keep writing!

    {in search of words}